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Our company, Universal Refactories & Allied Construction Co. offer reliable services to meet the refractory needs of the clients. Our services include the following:

Refractory Linings

In this service, we install and maintain heat resistant materials known as refractories inside the high temperature industrial equipment like reactors, kilns and furnaces.

Consultation for Furnace

In this service, our experts give guidance on furnace maintenance, repairing and optimization to ensure efficient, safe and compliant operations with less downtime and maximum productivity.

Furnace Designing

Under this service, we do custom designing and engineering of the industrial furnaces to meet the exact requirements of the customers including process optimization, feasibility studies and equipment selection. It results in the production of reliable, safe and energy-efficient furnace systems which meet regulatory standards of the industry.

Refractory Manufacturing

Our company produces heat resistant materials for industrial purposes through formulation, firing, molding and finishing of refectory items such as mortars, bricks and castables. They are manufactured as per the specific needs of the clients who belong to various industries. 

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