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Castable Refractory
We are the suppliers of various kinds of Castable Refractory for use in the various industries. It is very efficient and made for effective performance in the needed places. It is easy to handle and is of high quality.

Low Cement Castable
The offered Low Cement Castable is offered by us in various types and variants as per the need of the customers. They are very safe for use and have use in the various industries including the construction and others.  
Ramming Refractory
There are various kinds of Ramming Refractory that are offered by us for use in the various industrial processes. They are very efficient and easy to handle. These are made for use in commercial applications and other industries.

Fire Cement
We are offering the high quality Fire Cement which can be used to seal joints in wood stoves, especially around the area where the flue rises out of the top of the stove. It is very efficient and highly used.
Refractory Sands
There are various kinds of Refractory Sands that are offered by us in various colors and granules form for making of bricks, tiles and other products. The sands are very heat resistant and strong for being used.
Element Refractories
High-grade Element Refratories are available designed using high quality alumina as main material. It is available with high temperature strength, thermal stability and excellent resistance to slag erosion.
White Heat Castable
White Heat Castable is available for laying and repairing of blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, coke ovens, acid melting furnaces, etc. It is available with excellent binding strength, good structural integrity and low shrinkage features at high temperature.
Refractory Mortar
Refractory Mortar adhesives make the refractory bricks bond with each other and develop resistant constructions in industrial furnaces and kilns that can withstand extreme temperatures. Developed in such a way that they lead up to optimal sticking and thermal stability, refractory mortars take place in accidents-free construction.

Sillimanite Mortar
Taking the use of the new formulation ingredients combined with sillimanite minerals, those fireproof Sillimanite Mortars can uphold extreme heat-resistant and durability in high temperature applications very well. When compared to other related materials, the offered mortars have better characteristics with regard to thermal stability and adhesion properties.
CCM Mortar
Our CCM Mortar materials for welding and metallurgy are precisely prepared with high adhesion and prolonged heat resistance being their greatest advantage. These mortars, besides an effective adhesion in the high-temperature settings.
Refractory Construction Services
We offer value-added and affordable Refractory Construction Services as per the needs of the clients using advanced technology machines and tools.
Bricks Holder
Bricks Holder tools are designed using quality material that helps in efficient organization and stacking process in the industry. These holders with strong construction and ergonomic design promote stringent manufacturing and maintenance procedures undoubtedly.

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